Welcome to my playful world ‘Ketchup on Everything’. I’m Kay Vincent- children’s textile designer & illustrator, & busy mum of two living in London. My inspiration comes from a treasured shelf of vintage kids books & junk shop rummage finds, combined with a fascination of all the amazing creatures that we share our planet with, great and small.

I make educational, unique art prints designed for modern families to hang in the nursery, bedroom or playroom. These bold & colourful prints offer story telling potential, to encourage the use of imagination & make extra special new baby or birthday gifts for friends & family, many of them can be personalised with name & birth details.

I have worked as a kidswear print designer for high street fashion brands for around 20 years. My classic ‘Animal Alphabet’ print was born in 2013 is still very popular today & was actually created from the frustration of only being allowed to create cats & bunnies at work, it was refreshing to let some other animals such as scooting squirrels, canoeing camels & hippy hamsters take a bit of the lime light too!

My designs are created using paper cut outs & mark making using a variety of techniques- a splatter of ink turns into the perfect snow storm, a torn piece of paper makes the edges of a lions mane or the fuzzy, soft outline of a baby owl. Each character is given real personality, & naturally bring smiles to children faces, & fun loving adults alike!

‘Our World’ map print is from my latest collection & is a window to the world for our little ones, where many exciting adventures await. Talking about our amazing wildlife encourages the younger generation to be kind to the planet & all of the creatures that live here with us and makes learning an adventure! My small family business cares about the world we live in & want to be as eco friendly as we can. All of our packaging is recyclable, we only make prints to order & products can be kept forever or recycled. We donate to WWF to help protect wildlife, because sharing our world with them makes everything a bit more magic.

Thank you for shopping small & supporting our family business.