Welcome to my playful world ‘Ketchup on Everything’. I’m Kay Vincent- children’s print designer & busy mum of two living in London. My inspiration comes from a
treasured shelf of vintage kids books combined with a fascination of all the amazing creatures that we share our planet with, great and small.
I save snails on my dog walks, my dog infact gets more fuss than anyone. I donate to wildlife charaties (as their efforts go beyond local snail rescue)
because sharing our world with all thse wonderful creatures makes everything a bit more magic.

I make educational, unique art prints designed for families to hang in the nursery, bedroom or playroom. These bold & colourful prints offer story telling potential &
encourage the use of imagination. They make wonderful new baby or birthday gifts for friends & family, many of them can be personalised with name & birth details.
Each character is given real personality, & naturally bring smiles to children faces, & fun loving adults alike!

‘Our World’ map print is from my latest collection & is a window to the world for our little ones, where many exciting adventures are waiting!
Talking about our amazing wildlife encourages the younger generation to be kind to the planet & all of the creatures that live here with us and makes learning an adventure.

My small family business cares about the world we live in & want to be as eco friendly as we can. All of our packaging is recyclable, we only make prints to order & products can be kept forever or recycled.

Thank you for shopping small & supporting our family business"

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Thanks, Kay x